Select Recital:
Armin (3 months with Guzel) performed March by Armin, Excerpt from Rondo Alla Turca by W.A.Mozart
Caden (7 years with Guzel) performed The Great Smoky Mountains by D.C.Glover
Cecilia (1 year with Guzel) performed Ode to Joy, Snowy Day, Old Joe Clark (arr A.Pr.Piano)
Clark (3 years with Guzel) performed Turtle Talk by J.George, Baby Robins in a Nest by C.Hudelson, Roller Skate Ride by N.Faber
Fynn (2 years with Guzel) performed Fur Elise by L.V.Beethoven (arr G.DeBenedetti), Spunky Spooks by L.Weston
Fynn and Yeats performed Jazz - Rock Clock by W.&C.Noona
Guzel performed Astor's Tango by D.Karp
Hannah (5 years with Guzel) performed A Fleeting Vision by S.Maykapar, Adagio by D.Steibelt, Little Butterfly by S.Maykapar
Josephine (3 months with Guzel) performed A Jazzy Tune (arr A.Pr.Piano), Guzel's Dance by Josephine, Aspen Trees (arr A.Pr.Piano)
Josephine and Margot performed Such a Funny Man! by W.&C.Noona
Kate (3 years with Guzel) performed The Tale of Tsar Saltan (arr V.R.Roubos), Dream Echoes by E.L.Lancaster
Kate and Clark performed Promendate by J.Bastien
Koko (1 year with Guzel) performed Ode to Joy, Giddy-up, Pony!, Tub Time! (arr N.R.Faber)
Kyla (1.5 years with Guzel) performed Little Rain by I.Korenevskaya, Shanghai Beach by F.Yip
Kyla and Max performed A Chinese Tune by Weekley & Arganbright
Levi (4 years with Guzel) performed Prelude in C Major by F.Chopin (arr J.Eklund), Argentine Tango by A.Pr.Piano
Maddie (5 years with Guzel) performed Pirates at Sea by A.Pr.Piano
Margot (3 months with Guzel) performed Distant Bells by E.W.Greenleaf, Little Shooting Star by J.C.Montgomery
Max (1.5 years with Guzel) performed Fire Dance by K.Sulliva, I found a Penny by N.Faber
Naomi (1 month with Guzel) performed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Nick performed Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 by F.List (arr T.I.Smirnova)
Rachel performed Le Onde by L.Einaudi (arr A.Tooming)
Rustem performed Prelude No.4 in D Major, Op.23/4 by S.Rachmaninov
Samara performed Test Drive (from How to Train Your Dragon) by J.Powell, Spanish Caballero by N.R.Faber
Tamie performed Spanish Dance by A.Bilotti
Veronica (9 years with Guzel) performed Volo Battle Theme by I.S.Maeba (arr mogulmaniac)
Yeats (1 year with Guzel) performed The Wheels on the Bus, Theme from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by W.A.Mozart, Rockin' on the Socker Field by N.R.Faber